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Image of Butterfly Belljar <br>(3 Color Options)

Butterfly Belljar
(3 Color Options)


Our “Morpho Butterfly Belljar” is available in a choice of 3 color variants:
  • In Stock Monarch Butterfly(Morpho rhetenor)
  • Pre-Order Pearl Morpho Butterfly (Morpho sulkowski)
  • Pre-Order Blue & White Morpho (Morpho rhetenor)
  • These beautiful belljars are inspired by vintage entomological displays, and are a wonderful way to showcase our butterflies in your home! Each jar measures 10.75” x 5.5”, and features the butterflies of your choice mounted on a clear plexiglass rod. The jars are made of wood and glass. The paper butterflies are printed double-sided on heavy-weight pearl paper, and then expertly lasercut with a precise level of detail. They are based on real specimens, and accurately depict their coloration.

    Each of these is a unique handmade art-object, so placement of the butterflies may vary slightly from the display image.

    We are currently only shipping belljars domestically.

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