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Image of The Butterfly Collection "In the Garden of Earthly Delights"

The Butterfly Collection "In the Garden of Earthly Delights"


The ‘In the Garden of Earthly Delights’ Collection includes 1 of each of these species, for a total of 13 unique butterflies of of bright colors and varying sizes.
  • Adonis blue (Polyommatus bellagus) 2.25" wide
  • Green Dragontail (Lamproptera meges) 3" wide
  • Common Bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon) 3.75" wide
  • Apollo Metalmark (Lyropteryx apollonia) 3" wide
  • Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia ripheus) 4" wide
  • Purple Spottled Swallowtail (Graphium weiskei) 3.5" wide
  • Eastern-black swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) 3.3" wide
  • Gold Banded Forester (Euphaedra neophron) 4" wide
  • Purple-stained Daggerwing (Marpesia marcella) 3.7" wide
  • Scarlet Mourning-Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) 3" wide
  • Indian oakleaf (Kallima inachus) 3.3" wide
  • Blue Buckeye (Junonia coenia) 3.8" wide
  • Un-identified Kaleidoscope butterfly 3.2" wide
  • These paper butterflies are printed double-sided on heavy-weight shimmer paper, and are expertly lasercut with a precise level of detail. They are based on real specimens, and accurately depict their size and color as closely as possible. The butterflies are packaged in a beautiful little booklet inspired by vintage botanical illustrations, to help protect or display these bright creatures as you work with them.

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