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Image of ✨New✨ 'The Witching Hour' Halloween Full Set

✨New✨ 'The Witching Hour' Halloween Full Set


The ‘Witching Hour’ Full Set includes 1 of each of these 12 species
  • African Deathshead Hawkmoth (Acherontia atropos) 5” wide
  • Midnight Polyphemus (Antheraea polyphemus variant) 5” wide
  • ‘Polluted’ Peppered Moth (Biston betularia variant) 2.5” wide
  • ’Bee Robber’ Deathshead Hawkmoth (Acherontia lachesis) 4” wide
  • Giant Owl Butterfly (Caligo memnon) 5” wide
  • Blue Hatchet Butterfly (Memphis alberta) 2.5" wide
  • Large Lace-border Moth (Scopula limboundata) 2.5” wide
  • White Witch Moth (Thysania agrippina) 6” wide
  • ’Unidentified Costa Rican’ Moth (Species unknown) 3" wide
  • Lesser Deathshead Hawkmoth (Acherontia styx) 4.5” wide
  • Owl Moth (Brahmea wallichii) 6” wide
  • Heath fritillary (Melitaea athalia) 2.5” wide
You will receive a total of 12 moths/butterflies

These paper moths are printed double-sided on heavy-weight shimmer paper, and are expertly lasercut with a precise level of detail, including tiny legs and antennae. They are based on real specimens, and accurately depict their size and color as closely as possible. The White Witch Moth featured in this set is the largest insect in the world! This special Halloween set is packaged in a beautiful booklet inspired by a Witch’s Spellbook, to help protect or display these bright creatures as you work with them.

Available for October 2019 while supplies last

The "Witching Hour" Full Set includes a $5 savings compared to the individual Half Sets

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