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💫New💫 'Summer Solstice' Faé Greeting Card - Set of 3 - Reseller Wholesale

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The Summer Solstice Faé Greeting Card Set features:

  • 3 x “Hybrid Luna Moth” Summer Solstice Card

This set includes 3 individually wrapped cards, intended for individual resale. Each card retails for $8.50.

Swirls of amber light gently enfold the stained-glass wings of a moon moth - an Art Nouveau dance of elegance and wonder. This beautiful laser-cut Greeting Card Collection was designed for Moth and Myth by Vanessa Garbini.

These cards highlight the solar-cycle, in colors drawn from the fairytale realm of 19th Century Vienna, where bohemian artists drew inspiration from the swirling forms of delicate long-tailed moths. Each individual card is accompanied by a moth to match its solar cycle phase; specimens inspired by moths so beautiful, they almost appear like real life faeries.

Each individual laser-cut card is accompanied by a matching heavy-weight paper envelope, packaged together in a plastic sleeve. The Faerie-Tails Moths on these cards are uniquely sized to match the greeting cards, with double-sided printing, and removable for use in artworks or projects. Moths and Greeting-Cards are RESIN SAFE!