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💫Limited!💫 Ladybug Collection - Artist Discount

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This loveliness of 17 Spot Ladybirds (Coccinella septempunctata) includes:

  • 4 orange Ladybugs
  • 6 yellow Ladybugs
  • 7 red Ladybugs

Nothing inspires delight like the moment you discover a tiny ladybug has alighted on your sleeve, with its cheerful coat and playful pattern - count those dots! Each one is a symbol of good luck to come, and a bright blessing for the New Year. Ladybugs are bringers of happiness and fortune in many cultures, and helpful to gardeners and farmers in protecting plants from aphid pests.

Displayed on a backing reminiscent of a Victorian specimen case, these 17 Spotted Ladybirds are true to life-size (approximately 0.6" x .65") They are easily teased from their protective backing. Take care not to damage them when removing as they are small but mighty! 

These tiny tokens of good fortune are great for projects that require the smallest specimens. Printed on a pearl card stock paper and double-sided you'll adore the detail these little ones offer! Resin Safe.

Only available June 5th - June 30th, 2023