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'Jewels of the East' Mini Collection


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This set features 15 mini butterflies and moths:

  • 12 Mini Butterflies
  • 3 long-tailed Mini Moths

Butterflies in this set include: Vicroy butterfly, Queen butterfly, Sea Green Swallowtail butterfly, Blue Pansy butterfly, Blue Emperor butterfly, The Jewel of Borneo butterfly, Orange Gull butterfly, Lesser Purple Emperor butterfly, The Great Mormon butterfly, and a Dagger tailed butterfly. Moths include: Indian Moon moth, Chinese Moon moth, Golden Emperor moth, and Pink Silk moth.

These mini moths are approximately 1/3rd the size of our standard specimens, but just as perfectly detailed! Most are around 1" wide. They are printed double-sided on heavy-weight pearl shimmer paper. You will receive the 15 minis pictured in the primary image. Resin safe.

Large butterfly is only for reference of scale, and not included in the set