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Free Coloring Book Page!

We are offering a free coloring book page as part of our Customer Appreciation Week! 

Right-Click the image below to download and print the full-size sheet, or follow this link to download the image.

Coloring Book Page
This image was designed by illustrator/writer Siolo Thompson, whose work you can read more about in our artist feature! The artwork was inspired by our limited specimen set, the Ghost Cicada. 

"In the popular imagination the butterfly has long served as a symbol of transformation and change. We are awed by its progression - from egg, to caterpillar, pupa, to winged adult. It is easy to see why the butterfly reminds us to change and grow, to evolve gracefully through the stages of life in order to one one day emerge in a more glorious form.

The cicada, in contrast, offers a more radical and challenging symbol. Cicadaʼs have no pupal state. They transform abruptly and mysteriously from nymph to airborne adult in a single molt. Depending on species, they may spend one to nine or more years as underground larvae before eventually emerging into the heat as a singing scion of summer.

The cicada reminds us that sometimes we must embrace radical change, rather than gentle transformation. There is a time to cast off the old and break with the known. The skulls and flowers included in this illustration are reminders of the way death yields new life, the changing of season, and the inexorable march of time." -Siolo Thompson

We hope you enjoy getting creative with coloring, and, as always, can't wait to see what you create!