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Artist Feature: Roma Fulton - Flame and Lily

Delicate and graceful, the jewelry of Flame and Lily by Roma Fulton beautifully captures the colors and details of butterfly wings and feathers. Using both ethically-sourced natural elements and Moth and Myth paper butterflies, these pieces capitalize on the shimmer and shine of these fluttering creatures. We're delighted to share an interview discussing her inspirations and process! 

What made you decide to start creating jewelry?

I can remember many many years ago, I started playing around with beading and making very basic earrings and necklaces!  It was nothing special and I gave it up for a while - I immigrated to Australia and had kids - the feeling has always been there though.  I love anything to do with crafting of all sorts and would happily spend hours just watching people with their craft!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Colour colour colour!  I love colour but I've also always love the gypsy/boho/spiritual side of life and so I find that butterflies, feathers and wildflowers captures these aspects.

Do you feel like living and working in Australia influences what you create? 

It has certainly helped to a point, as Australia has amazing bird life!  I'm never short of feathers in stunning colours!  And the wildflowers - oh they are beautiful and they are everywhere!   We are very lucky here Down Under!

I live on the edge of the desert,  in a remote outback mining town, the flora and fauna is pretty limited here and so the butterfly range is not as grand as it can be in some of the lusher parts of the country - one of the reasons I was pretty happy to come across Moth and Myths Instagram page - more choices in colour of wings.  The perks of social media - the exposure to inspiration!

How did you develop your technique? 

Social Media and YouTube!

Ask my Mom - the first black and white beaded earrings I made for her (insert face palm)... there was no access to internet back in the days for me and I felt stuck with my technique,  that's also probably why I stopped for a while.  I felt very deflated and irritated!

Finding my niche!   I had been dabbling with different types of craft for a few years and my husband said that I could never lock down one style.  I kept finding my way back to my jewellery tools and one thing led to the next and here I am today!

Trial and error! - I certainly learnt what works for me with my resin and what doesn't, like certain resin stripping colour from wings and fresh flowers!  The amount of duds I've had to chuck but I then learnt very quick what works!  When to laminate and when not to.  How much resin to drop gently on each wing to get the perfect dome.

What’s your favorite part of your creative process? 

When I finish a pair of earrings and I just feel, wow!  They done!  They are perfect!  I love that feeling!

I also get very excited when either myself or a family member finds a unique feather - it's almost like a competition of who can find the best feather for Mom!

We love that you post inspirational and thoughtful quotes when you share your lovely creations! Do you find that making art helps you stay centered?

I do get very frustrated at times and have to take a few days breather but seeing what I've created at the end makes it all go away!  It's also something that's "mine" - being a full time stay-at-home Mom, you can understand, having a little something that I can escape to.  I try and find quotes that resonate with how I'm feeling on the day or to personal situations I'm experiencing at that time.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? 

Butterflies have always been a part of my life.  My Dad was a keen butterfly collector back in his youth when we lived in Zimbabwe and I can remember snippets of memories with him,  from sewing nets, to making food,  pressing, identifying them - he always talks about his collection he used to have.   I still recall these two massive butterfly encyclopedia type of books he had!  He still enjoys butterflies but doesn't collect them anymore.

I get most of my natural wings from either butterfly breeders, butterfly sanctuaries or butterfly houses and I've also been known to pull wings off deceased butterflies that have become stuck in car grills...  only naturally deceased and ethically sourced.   All my non natural wings come from you at Moth and Myth.

I am busy setting up an online shop.  I hope to go live within the next two months!  I can't wait.  I'm so excited!

Social links/Website: 
Instagram - @flameandlily
Tiktok - @flameandlily
All photos by Flame and Lily