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Holiday Gift Guide

The winter holidays are almost here! With the pre-Christmas shipping cut-off fast approaching, we wanted to share a few of our favorite sets for perfect holiday gift ideas. Below is selection of our favorite three-packs, Collection Sets, and Minis for holiday gifting!  'Aurora' Gemstone Morpho Butterfly Set Embellished with shiny teal foil, the new 'Aurora' Gemstone Morpho Butterfly Set embraces the marriage of cutting-edge printing technology with old-world fine-paper finishing techniques, making an eye-catching gift. Use these colorful butterflies to decorate a wreath, or give the set as a gift to inspire the receiver!  'Morpho and Monarch' Butterfly Set With vibrant blue wings, the Morpho butterfly makes a statement. The 'Morpho and Monarch' 5-Pack features three styles of blue Morpho butterfly, one...

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Moth and Myth Installation at Roq La Rue Gallery

We are incredibly thrilled to share the first ever Moth and Myth pop-up installation at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle! The vision for this dreamy space covered in swirling clouds of butterflies had been many years in the making, and we felt beyond lucky to have such a stunning venue to bring our whimsical dreams to life. For this installation, we used the brand new Mint Morpho Butterfly Set, which features the same butterfly (Morpho catenarius) in various sizes, giving depth and volume to the flurry of butterflies. Once our team had styles the wings, we spent all week covering the gallery in a flock of thousands of butterflies, which fluttered up the walls and windows and across the high ceilings.  At...

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Artist Feature: Alyssa Thorne - Forest Noir

A hint of soft light illuminates the dewy leaves and petals of flowers, while darkness creeps in through the spaces between shadowy forms. Under the name Forest Noir, Alyssa Thorne creates stunning floral still-life photographs that seem to exist somewhere between the classical and modern, the dark and the light. Alyssa's photographs are available as fine-art prints, as well as on a variety of products including postcards, phone-cases, and scarves. We had the chance to learn about Alyssa's process and inspirations, and are delighted to share an exclusive preview of a new piece in the interview below! What made you start creating and photographing still-life arrangements? I picked up photography around the age of 15 (18 years ago!) after falling in love with...

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'Wunderkammer' Apothecary Jar Tutorial

Today we're thrilled to guide you through creating beautiful Apothecary Jar decorations with specimens from our 'Wunderkammer' Collection! These jars make for unique and sophisticated Halloween decor, and look wonderful on a bookshelf or curiosity case year round. It's a simple project with few materials, and best of all you don't harm the paper specimens in any way when creating these jars! We've written out the steps below to three different jars, and you can also follow along on Youtube!    Wunderkammer Apothecary Jars The materials you'll need are really simple and easy to come by! In this project we use: Glass Apothecary Jar: We sourced ours online at Amazon - they were sold as a set of three for...

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Artist Feature: Gabby & Deroe - Brimstone Bindings

The world of Brimstone Bindings is one of boundless imagination. Started by Gabby Williams, and now featuring creations by both Gabby and partner Deroe, their intricate jewelry combines brilliant stones with eye-catching metals. We had the pleasure of interviewing Gabby, and hope you'll enjoy the insight into the creative process behind Brimstone Bindings!  We think it’s so cool that you are partners working together on Brimstone Bindings! Do you collaborate on pieces or prefer to work individually towards a common vision?  Typically we work individually to give ourselves more creative freedom to do what we feel. When we do collaborate, it’s always exciting to see what we come up with together.  What made you decide to start creating jewelry?  Well, I’ve been...

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