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Artist Feature: Gabby & Deroe - Brimstone Bindings

The world of Brimstone Bindings is one of boundless imagination. Started by Gabby Williams, and now featuring creations by both Gabby and partner Deroe, their intricate jewelry combines brilliant stones with eye-catching metals. We had the pleasure of interviewing Gabby, and hope you'll enjoy the insight into the creative process behind Brimstone Bindings!  We think it’s so cool that you are partners working together on Brimstone Bindings! Do you collaborate on pieces or prefer to work individually towards a common vision?  Typically we work individually to give ourselves more creative freedom to do what we feel. When we do collaborate, it’s always exciting to see what we come up with together.  What made you decide to start creating jewelry?  Well, I’ve been...

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Artist Feature: Roma Fulton - Flame and Lily

Delicate and graceful, the jewelry of Flame and Lily by Roma Fulton beautifully captures the colors and details of butterfly wings and feathers. Using both ethically-sourced natural elements and Moth and Myth paper butterflies, these pieces capitalize on the shimmer and shine of these fluttering creatures. We're delighted to share an interview discussing her inspirations and process! 

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Butterfly Bell Jar Tutorial

Making bell jars is a fun and affordable project in which you’ll create a beautiful gift or piece of decor for your home. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to build bell jars with our paper butterflies and moths, and are delighted to share a step-by-step tutorial explaining the process! We recently released Multi-Packs that make it easy to do this project! You can also follow along as we go through these steps on YouTube and TikTok!  Materials:Butterflies: We’re working with the Blue and White Morpho Butterflies. Any of our multi-packs are great for this project! Bell Jar: Ours is from IKEA and is 10 3/4” tall. You’ll want to find a bell jar with a wooden base, since...

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Featured Artist: Roxy Schultz - Wild by Design

Portland-based artist Roxy Schultz creates gorgeous jewelry and mixed-media art featuring pressed botanicals and our paper moths and butterflies. Her one-of-a-kind pieces preserve the fleeting beauty of flowers so wonderfully, and capture the soft whimsy of spring. Our tiny Micro butterflies and moths are especially lovely in her delicate creations! Please visit her Shop and Instagram to learn more about pieces and availability!  All images and objects by Roxy Schultz, Wild by DesignInstagram @roxy.schultz

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