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About our Products:

Did you sell wholesale?

Yes! We did sell wholesale to retailers and artists alike. Please contact us at to receive wholesale information.

What are your insects made of?

Our lasercut moths and butterflies are printed on heavy-weight paper and laser-cut, with the exception of stickers which are holographic vinyl.

Are your butterflies double sided?

Yes! All of our paper insects are printed double-sided for added realism. The holographic stickers are single sided with an adhesive back (like all stickers!)

Can I use your butterflies in my art-project or to make a new product?

Yes! We love it when other artists use our moths and butterflies in their work. Please share what you make with us! Please do not make direct copies of the insects and re-distribute these - we encourage using our moths to create new works.

Are your moths safe in resin?

Yes! There are a lot of resin artists using our moths and butterflies in their work! We are not resin artists and can't speak to specific techniques, but it seems most people don't do anything specific to seal them for use in resin.

Are your butterflies based on real ones?

Yes! All of our designs are based on real insect specimens! Some of them are larger or smaller than the real versions, but all are accurate to an actual insect. We list the Latin names on our paper moth and butterfly sets so you can research them more if you're curious!

Are your insects cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes! We created our paper insects so everyone can have access to beautiful specimens without needing real (deceased) insects.


How do I receive a tracking order for my order?

You should receive a tracking number through the e-mail that you have entered at check out or through text message. I you have not please reach out to us and we would be happy to provide you with your tracking number.

My order is taking longer then expected to be delivered, should I be worried?

Nope! USPS has slowed delivery times from 2021. However, it is rare for a package to not be delivered. We ask you to contact us if it's been 2 weeks or longer from the last time it was scanned. You can view the tracking history to see when your order was last scanned.

My order says delivered but I didn't receive it. What should I do?

We recommend looking around to see if it's been misplaced, talking to house mates and neighbors to see if was delivered before contact us. Often an order will be marked "delivered" before it actually is. Please wait 2 days after to notify us if you haven't received it as they often show up in that time period.