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Holiday Gift Guide

The winter holidays are almost here! With the pre-Christmas shipping cut-off fast approaching, we wanted to share a few of our favorite sets for perfect holiday gift ideas. Below is selection of our favorite three-packs, Collection Sets, and Minis for holiday gifting! 

'Aurora' Gemstone Morpho Butterfly Set

Embellished with shiny teal foil, the new 'Aurora' Gemstone Morpho Butterfly Set embraces the marriage of cutting-edge printing technology with old-world fine-paper finishing techniques, making an eye-catching gift. Use these colorful butterflies to decorate a wreath, or give the set as a gift to inspire the receiver! 

'Morpho and Monarch' Butterfly Set

With vibrant blue wings, the Morpho butterfly makes a statement. The 'Morpho and Monarch' 5-Pack features three styles of blue Morpho butterfly, one Pearl Morpho butterfly, and one Monarch butterfly. Of all the species of butterflies, we find that these inspire the most nostalgia! 

'Spring' Luna Moth Set

Don't be fooled by the name - the 'Spring' Luna Moth Set is perfect for every season! Featuring two versions of the distinctive Luna moth (Actias luna), and a Pearl Morpho Butterfly, this three-pack is a timeless favorite, and a wonderful introduction to the beauty of moths and butterflies. These life-sized specimens make gorgeous additions to gift-wrap as well! 

'Pearl' Mini Moth Set

With soft frosty tones, the 'Pearl' Mini Moth Set makes a wonderful holiday gift. Gift it as a set for the lucky receiver to get creative with, or make ornaments to give as presents! 

'Moon Glimmer' Butterfly Set

The stunning 'Moon Glimmer' Butterfly Set is based on real specimens that have had the prismatic-scales on their wings removed, leaving only the delicate structure beneath. Their pastel tones are perfect for the holiday season, shimmering on pearlescent paper. 

 The 'Faerie-Tails' Collection

The 'Faerie-Tails' Collection is one of the most beautiful sets we carry. Featuring 8 of the most lovely tailed moths all of whom come in a wonderful vintage inspired booklet. This is a unique and wonder gift to keep for yourself or to give someone who has that spark of Faé in them!

The 'Antiquarian' Collection

Another of our favorite collection sets, the 'Antiquarian' Collection includes ten pearlescent specimens, perfect for the season of snow. Their pallor gives them an ethereal beauty, and their cream and rust colored wings shine brilliantly in any specimen case. Packaged in a gorgeous booklet, perfect for safe keeping or as a lovely gift!

We hope that this gift guide has been helpful, and that you and your loved ones are inspired by the beauty of nature this holiday season!