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💫Celestial Beings💫 Luna Moth Set


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The ‘Celestial Beings' Luna Moth Set features:

  • 3 Tattered Luna Moths (Actias maenas) 4" x 4.75" paper 

The soft, tattered wings of a delicate Luna moth glimmer in the moonlight, reflecting the shine of the stars. Wearing the stars on their delicate wings, these celestial dreamers flit through the cold winter night, casting a radiant glow wherever they go.  

We’re delighted to bring you this set of celestial Luna moon moths, with intricately laser-cut paper wings to showcase their incredible natural beauty. Taking them into the realm of fantasy, these paper specimens are enhanced on one side with silver holographic foil. Foil colors change depending on the light. Double-sided on pearlescent heavy-weight card stock.

The Celestial Beings Luna Moth set comes flat-packed on a beautiful laser-cut 5.5" x 8.5" astrological backing, perfect for safe keeping or as a lovely gift! Resin safe.