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Indian Oakleaf Butterfly Oval Greeting Card - Set of 4 - Reseller Wholesale

$17.50 $35.00

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These interactive greeting cards feature a lifelike paper butterfly cutout that is removable from the card. The butterflies can be used in artworks, decorations, crafts, or other projects. Butterflies and Greeting Cards are Resin Safe.

Includes 4 Oval Folded Cards with Removable Cutout Specimens + 4 Natural Envelopes
Each card is packaged individually
Blank Inside
A2 / 4.5” x 5.5”

Printed and laser-cut in Seattle, WA

Bright White / Uncoated 120 C

Indian Oakleaf Butterfly (Kallima inachus)

This set includes 4 individually wrapped paper cards, intended for individual resale. Each card retails for $8.75

Each card is accompanied by a matching heavy-weight paper envelope, packaged together in a plastic sleeve.

The lifelike paper cutout moth or butterfly on each card is held on with a small amount of removable adhesive. 

The exterior of each card features an antique frame artwork and printed specimen label. Each card is blank inside.