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Artist Feature: Gabby & Deroe - Brimstone Bindings

The world of Brimstone Bindings is one of boundless imagination. Started by Gabby Williams, and now featuring creations by both Gabby and partner Deroe, their intricate jewelry combines brilliant stones with eye-catching metals. We had the pleasure of interviewing Gabby, and hope you'll enjoy the insight into the creative process behind Brimstone Bindings! 

We think it’s so cool that you are partners working together on Brimstone Bindings! Do you collaborate on pieces or prefer to work individually towards a common vision? 

Typically we work individually to give ourselves more creative freedom to do what we feel. When we do collaborate, it’s always exciting to see what we come up with together. 

What made you decide to start creating jewelry? 

Well, I’ve been creating as far back as I can remember. Somewhere along my artistic journey, I gravitated towards jewelry making. My love for stones played a massive role in that for sure. There’s something truly magical about adorning yourself with earthly treasures.

How do you choose the crystals, stones, and other materials you use in your creations? Are certain ones particularly meaningful for you?

My process for choosing crystals depends on the collection or piece I’m creating. Sometimes particular stones call out to me, and I feel compelled to create with them, basing my collection around those stones. 

Other times I have designs in mind where I scout out the perfect stones that fit my vision.

Do you let your materials lead you in a certain direction, or do you set out with a plan and search for elements that fit your vision?

I would say both. I like to plan out things, source new materials, and find ways to use some of the materials I have. 

Your imagination and creativity are so apparent in your creations! How do you nurture those parts of yourself, and what do you do when you feel stuck? 

I’m always full of so many ideas, it’s a little crazy.  I think the hardest part for me is staying focused on a particular concept and not drifting off into my enormous imagination pool 

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