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Meet the Moth: Death's-Head Hawkmoth

Meet the Death’s-Head Hawkmoth! Perfect for the Halloween season, this night-flying moth is named after the sinister skull markings found on its thorax, and is often thought of as an omen for death.

Vintage Liebig Trade Card featuring Acherontia atropos

There are three species in the genus Acherontia. The most widely-known of these is Acherontia atropos, found in Europe and Africa, made iconic by the Silence of the Lambs book and film. Acherontia styx and Acherontia lachesis are similar in color and native to Asia. All three species are included in our seasonal “Witching Hour” collection!

Acherontia atropos is the fastest moth in the world, reaching speeds up to 30mph, and is able to hover in the air. Acherontia lachesis in particular has been known to raid the hives of honey bees. However, the Death’s-Head Hawkmoth isn’t all frightening: when disturbed, these moths emit a high-pitched squeak!

How will you incorporate Acherontia into your Halloween decor?