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Meet the Moth: Giant Owl Butterfly

Named for their cryptic underwing pattern, the Giant Owl Butterfly (Caligo memnon) is found throughout the Amazon rainforest all the way up to Mexico. These wing patterns include eyespots evocative of owl eyes, which are believed to be a form of mimicry to deter predators.

Featured in our limited ’Witching Hour’ Collection, the giant owl butterfly is perfect for the spooky Halloween season. While many butterflies are day-flying, the owl butterfly prefers to fly at dusk. Their Latin name “caligo” means darkness.

While all of our paper specimens are double-sided, the Giant Owl Butterfly is one of just a few that features a distinct reverse side, which is no less striking than the owl-like underwings.

Front and back of the Giant Owl Butterfly and White Witch Moth

Owl butterflies are very large, ranging from 3”–8”, and our papercut specimen is approximately 5” across. A tiny version of this giant insect can be found in our ‘Halloween’ Mini Collection!

How will you use the Giant Owl Butterfly in your art and decorating?